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Stephen Fry View On God

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Legendary broadcaster Gay Byrne is unfazed by the fact that Stephen Fry’s response to his question about God on ‘The Meaning of Life’ has gone viral and garnered 4 million views online. Byrne asked.

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"Suppose it’s all true," began a question to Stephen Fry on Irish television. more worth living in my opinion." Although Fry has clearly and strongly discussed his views on the subject of God in.

Stephen Fry is being investigated by Irish police over blasphemy claims more than two years after his outspoken comments about God on RTE’s The Meaning of Life went viral. Mr Fry described a.

Prince William teamed up with a host of celebrities including Stephen Fry and Katy Perry to broadcast a message across hundreds of UK radio stations today urging people to talk about mental health.

Comedian and prominent atheist Stephen Fry has said that if a God exists, they must be ‘utterly evil. He was then quizzed as to whether he believed his views would prevent him from entering heaven,

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Stephen Fry presents this documentary exploring the disease of manic depression; a little understood but potentially devastating condition affecting an estimated two percent of the population. Stephen embarks on an emotional journey to meet fellow sufferers, and discuss the literal highs and lows of.

Jan 31, 2015  · If Stephen Fry met God, he’d have some pretty scathing things to say. In an interview on RTé One’s faith-based series The Meaning of Life, set to air on TV on Sunday, host Gay Byrne posed a theoretical question to the 57.

But I do sometimes feel that atheists like Stephen Fry could perhaps do more to see things. strong – even if it retains emotional force in view of our inability to imagine what God’s reasons might.

Stephen John Fry (born 24 August 1957) is an English comedian, actor and writer. He and Hugh Laurie are the comic double act Fry and Laurie, who starred in A Bit of Fry & Laurie and Jeeves and Wooster. Fry’s acting roles include a Golden Globe.

Irish police are investigating British actor and comedian Stephen Fry for. accumulating over 7 million views. The host, Gay Byrne, asked Fry how he would react if he was locked outside heaven’s.

A clip in which Stephen Fry describes God as “quite clearly a maniac. ve done a lot of programmes with many people expressing atheistic views and beliefs and views on God and so on,” said Mr Byrne.

Host Gay Byrne looked surprised as Fry delivered his argument as to why if there is a God he thinks it must be "utterly, utterly evil." I’ll say, "Bone cancer in children? What’s that about? How dare.

and you are confronted by God,” asked Gay Byrne, host of RTÉ One’s The Meaning of Life. “What will Stephen Fry say to him, her, or it?” The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need.

The God Stephen Fry rejects, he argued, is not the God I believe in either: For if we are imagining a God whose only power, indeed whose only existence, is love itself – and yes, this means we will have to think metaphorically about a lot of the Bible – then God cannot stand accused as.

The latest to join the fray is normally easy-going English comedian and actor Stephen Fry, who spoke out last week on the Irish TV show "The Meaning of Life." Gabriel "Gay" Byrne, the 80-year-old host.

Stephen Fry about God 16-05-2017 – Posted by Andre Piet. Stephen Fry is a well-known English writer, actor and comedian. Last week it was reported in the news that an Irishman filed a.

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Seymour said the bid to repeal the law was triggered by the Stephen Fry blasphemy investigation. he told Fairfax New Zealand: "My view is, God’s bigger than needing to be defended by the Crimes Act.

May 13, 2019  · Now the Duke of Cambridge has joined Stephen Fry and pop star Katy Perry in recording a message to emphasise the importance of talking about mental illness. Lasting 60 seconds, it will be.

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God or Stephen Fry? Sometimes it is hard to know who has the tougher job. The Great Omniscience is always there, showering his flock with wisdom and guidance, while God at least allows us to decide a.

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Police in Ireland are investigating a complaint of blasphemy reportedly made against British actor Stephen Fry after he spoke about God on a television program. Irish police say they will not comment.

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Stephen Fry called God ‘an utter maniac’ during an interview with Gay Byrne on TV show The Meaning of Life “The man was simply a witness and not an injured party… for this reason the investigation has.

After all, Mr Fry is angry with a god he doesn’t believe in; and the god he is angry with isn’t the god that those who believe in God believe in either. – Is mise, Sir, – Even before the broadcast of.

Stephen Fry’s ‘God is a maniac’ RTé interview up for award. His comments came after Byrne had asked him to imagine that God actually did exist. Byrne asked Fry what he would say when he comes face to face with God at the ‘Pearly Gates’. Fry replied: “I’ll say:.

Totally selfish.” He then goes on to say that the world as created by a God is “simply not acceptable.” The YouTube clip has received over three million views while Stephen Fry’s tweet that contained.

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If Stephen Fry met God, he’d have some pretty scathing things to say. In an interview on RTÉ One’s faith-based series The Meaning of Life, set to air on TV on Sunday, host Gay Byrne posed a.

Police in Ireland are investigating Stephen Fry after a viewer claimed his outspoken comments about God on a TV show were blasphemous. The actor and comedian could face a maximum penalty of a fine of.

Stephen Fry about God 16-05-2017 – Posted by Andre Piet. Stephen Fry is a well-known English writer, actor and comedian. Last week it was reported in the news that an Irishman filed a.

The community includes dour and humourless dogmatists such as Richard Dawkins and genial chaps like Stephen Fry. True, there are some who will have been hurt by Fry’s recent description of God as a.

During the course of the programme Fry expressed the view that if God exists he must be ‘utterly, utterly evil’, ‘totally selfish’, and ‘quite clearly a maniac’.

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Stephen Hawking is Wrong About God. I think part of the problem is that Stephen Hawking is said to have one of the highest IQ’s in the world. So naturally, people will tend to trust in what he has to say. However, while Stephen Hawking might be a great physicist, he isn’t qualified to make absolute statements about God’s existence.

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Stephen Fry: The problem of evil[1. It adds a peculiar hint of pantheism[8] (the view that God is all and all is God) and is dangerously close to the ‘God of the gaps’[9] argument, which has proved.

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